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Surrogate Mother Care

Surrogacy Services India is proud to introduce its surrogacy support team who is here to assist surrogate mothers and their families. The physical and emotional well-being of our surrogates is our top most priority. Our staff is dedicated solely to our surrogate mothers’ physical and emotional health, happiness and comfort. We treat our surrogate mothers and their families as a part of the family. Surrogate coordinators & social workers visit our surrogates frequently to ensure their well being.

Meeting with the surrogate Mother

We usually advise you to meet the surrogate once the pregnancy test is positive. We always respect your wishes on choice of your surrogate for e.g., being vegetarian. We however do not encourage you to select the surrogate based on her physical characteristics. The surrogate's physical attributes has no impact on the child’s features.You can also schedule a visit with our Medical Director, Dr Kaberi Banerjee, at the centre to know about her progress.

Surrogate Care & Selection Process

The surrogate is selected as per the ICMR guidelines. A surrogate mother should not be over 45 years of age. Before accepting a woman as a possible surrogate for a particular couple’s child, the ART clinic must ensure (and put on record) that the woman satisfies all the testable criteria to go through a successful full-term pregnancy.

Surrogacy Cost

We are transparent about surrogate mother costs and fees. We understand that gestational surrogacy represents a significant cost for many families. And that is why our team is dedicated to providing resources and options to ease your surrogacy journey .Estimated Cost of Surrogacy Mother Medical Expenses in Case of Preterm-Birth Involving an Affiliated Hospital.

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Egg Donor Program

Surrogacy Services India strive to maintain a diverse egg donor pool. We have a large collection of pre-screened donors of Indian origin enrolled in our program. The donors who choose to work through our egg donor program are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of the processes, both medical and legal, that are required of this commitment before they proceed.

Caucasian and Race Donor Program

Surrogacy Services India works closely with international egg donation agencies, New life,Global Egg Donors, and Surrogacy and Oocyte Services. These companies offer our clients the help of Caucasian and other race donors. During the past, the success rate for our surrogacy treatment is increasing. With assistance from young donors and surrogate mothers our fresh transfer success rate is 60 per cent live birth. Hardly any IP requires more than two attempts.

Surrogacy Cost Calculator

Please fill it out this form. We will provide you surrogacy mother cost information as per your requirement. You will get detail information about surrogacy process and cost within 24 hours.

* Indian Laws do not allow Surrogacy services for Non-Citizens

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