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Why Surrogacy Services India?

Surrogacy Services India provides compassionate and ethical practice.Surrogacy Services India provides compassionate and ethical practice.

Surrogacy Services India is one of the leading and successful surrogacy provider. It is affordable surrogacy in india/delhi. Our medical services are proven to be best as we have many satisfied clients. Our clients like us for the care we do during their treatment. We pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide our intended parents and the special relationships we maintain with our wonderful surrogate mothers.

High success rates

Dr. Kaberi Banerjee is an infertility and IVF specialist, trained from the prestigious Guys and St Thomas Hospital, London. She has immense experience in this field. With the help of her expert team, she performs all donor/client scans, egg collections and embryo transfers. With the help our experienced embryology team, we are enjoying a higher than normal positive pregnancy results with maximum per cent of donor egg/surrogacy clients achieving pregnancy on their first attempt. We boast of a 60% pregnancy rate/transfer and upto 90% in 3 attempts. Dr Banerjee does most of the clinical work including scanning of donor and surrogates herself, to maintain good results.

State of the art medical facilities

Surrogacy Services India has state-of-the-art facilities for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and fully functional laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests. Our world class facilities along with competent staff have enabled us to achieve an outstanding success rate. We provide everything under one roof and make best possible efforts to help infertile couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Ethical and reputable

Surrogacy Services India strictly follows the Guidelines for IVF and Surrogacy practice recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Dr. Kaberi Banerjee is renowned in the country for ethical & transparent practice.

We listen to our clients

We strive for client satisfaction, we can better understand our clients’ pain of suffering with years of infertility. We understand how difficult it is to have your baby growing so far from home. We provide regular test results throughout your treatment and pregnancy. Our support staff is always available to answer all your queries under the expert guidance of Dr. Kaberi Banerjee.

Extensive choice of Indian donors

Surrogacy Services India has a large number of Indian egg donors who wish to assist you with the gift of life. Our donors are intelligent, caring women who are medically screened and psychologically counseled about their role in helping you to become parents. All donor are less than 28 years of age and most of them has proven fertility.

Caucasian donor program

We have done partnerships with international agencies, having Caucasian and other race donors, who are willing to fly to India to donate to our clients. We already had many proud parents who has successful pregnancy with our donor.

Surrogates ready to start

Surrogacy Services India has a large number of surrogate mothers, who are pre-screened. Once you have done successfully with your all tests, we can start your cycle. We can transfer embryo in as little as 4-6 weeks time.

Transparent and competitive prices

Surrogacy Services India offers various customized, value for money packages to suit the different requirements of the intended couples. We understand our clients budgets and keep costs to a minimum. We also take the amount in instalments. We do not believe in burdening our client in the initial stages.


From Conception to birth the entire pregnancy is personally supervised by Dr Banerjee. Meeting the surrogate or talking to her over skype in case of International patients is encouraged at Surrogacy Services India.

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