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Surrogacy Services India provides compassionate and ethical practice.Surrogacy Services India provides compassionate and ethical practice.

At Surrogacy Services India, we provide surrogacy services to our patients with the latest medical technology. Our embryology team has immense experience with all facets of IVF and embryology, and enjoys a higher than average success rate. Approx. 60 per cent of our donor/surrogacy patients have a positive pregnancy result on their first try, more than 90 per cent achieve pregnancy with a third try. Very few patients need to try more than twice. Our self-cycling patients are achieving pregnancy where, oftentimes, previous IVF treatment has failed. Our pregnancy success rates are comparably higher than other clinics worldwide.

Surrogacy Services India has developed state of the art medical lab where we pursue all necessary tests.

Sterile working conditions

Carbon dioxide and triple gas incubators are used for embryo culture. We have a state of art laboratory that is equipped with a high quality air purification system to ensure the most sterile working environment.

K-systems workstation

Surrogacy Services India has a K-systems workstation, which provide the most suitable platform to handle eggs, sperm and embryos. ICSI machine with Olympus microscope placed on the anti-vibration table gives the best working conditions to achieve the best outcome with minimal damage to eggs, sperm and embryos.

Intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI)

This is performed when sperm count is low or sperm motility is poor. We do not believe in the practice of doing ICSI for all and this may reduce the total no. of eggs that can be fertilize. With our discretionary policy we are able to get fertilization rate upto 95%.

Assisted laser hatching

We use embryo zona drilling or assisted hatching to “soften” the shell of the embryo. This does not hurt the embryo, and may assist embryos to hatch from their shells. This helps to increase pregnancy rates by improving implantation rates, since embryo hatching is facilitated. This is indicated where the egg shell is hard specially in older age women.

Embryo cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation or embryo freezing is the storage of embryos at – 196° Celsius in special storage containers (cryotanks) in the liquid nitrogen. It is the part of IVF process and done by vitrification method.

Indications –

  • Storage of extra embryos formed during IVF cycle
  • Storage of all embryos if embryo transfer is postponed due to medical reason or embryo pooling or
  • Storage of all embryos for fertility preservation if female partner will undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy or ovarian surgery

Security screening of eggs, sperm and embryos

At Surrogacy Services India, we assure you of high quality and standards. We thoroughly check Egg, embryo and sperm samples thrice and label them prior to use or storage in cryocans. These checks are done by our embryologists to ensure that the correct samples are used. Samples are then checked by our senior embryologist, IVF physician and nurse-in-charge, prior to embryo transfer or use during ICSI.

Surrogacy Services India’s operating theatre is located near to the embryology laboratory. During egg collection oocytes are passed directly from the operating theatre to the embryology laboratory’s nurse-in-charge. Eggs are stored in tubes and are left to settle while sperm is prepared. Only one set of eggs and one sample of sperm are handled at any one time so there is no possibility that eggs or sperm intended for one patient can be confused with eggs and sperm intended for another patient. The whole process is done with extreme care so that there is no harm or damage occurs to eggs and sperm.

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