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— Total pregnancies 10000+ and above —

Indian Egg Donor Program

Support & understanding for you at every step of the way.

Surrogacy Services India strive to maintain a diverse egg donor pool. We have a large collection of pre-screened donors of Indian origin enrolled in our program. The donors who choose to work through our egg donor program are personally interviewed and thoroughly informed of the processes, both medical and legal, that are required of this commitment before they proceed.

For helping people to create their families. We have many healthy young fertile Indian women, who have been medically tested for their fertility; and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS. Egg donation at our centre is anonymous and confidential according to our country’s guidelines. We protect the identity of our egg donors, so we do not share their photos. This is according to our national guideline. We select the best egg donor for you, by matching your physical traits. Egg donors are need to be paid with some advance to reserve them for you.

At Surrogacy Services India, it is our mission to make your process through Surrogacy and Egg Donation as simple and comfortable as possible.


We take very good care of our donors and provide them with assistance and guidance throughout.

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