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Female Foeticide

A girl dreams of being a mother right from her childhood. It is very difficult when she realizes that it is taking time to do so or perhaps impossible. A woman status in society is still measured by her ability to have children. A man’s worth is measured by his qualifications, job, business achievements and wealth. However an equally capable woman will not be held in such high esteem even if she achieves all this if she has not attained the expected role of motherhood side by side.

Infertility is a huge psychological and social burden on the couple. Not only are they going through months and months of personal agony when they fail to conceive. They are also being indicated by the society. This pressure from the society is wholly targeted towards the woman. The cause of infertility is equally divided amongst the man and the woman. Even if the cause is because of the man the blame goes to the woman. Ironically it is the woman folk themselves who antagonize these women. It is high time we all stand up for their cause and lend a supportive and caring hand rather than vindictive attitude. This can come through education of society, awareness of the masses and empowerment of women.

In India the male child is given preference over the female. The reason for this is probably the petriarcle structure of society. The family name and wealth is transmitted on to the sons and the girl is sent off to another family with some wealth which is called as the dowry system. This was the traditional system of society which is still followed in certain parts of the country. However in the cities where 30% of the population is residing the biased towards the male child is still existing and sometimes stronger. South Delhi has the worst female: male ratio in the country. This is because of rampant use of ultrasound to diagnose the gender of the feotus and terminate the female child. Unfortunately the top most educated class of the country, the doctors themselves are in many ways responsible for allowing this gastly pratice to continue. In modern society the value of a male child in terms of carrying on the name of the family and taking care of old age is only a mith. Who remembers the name of the forefathers beyond three generations. Who is taking care of all the old people who are living alone in their homes or old age homes. Most of them have their married sons staying elsewhere or working abroad. It is not uncommon to see daughters coming forward to give emotional and financial help to their aging parents.

Today’s modern woman in India is completely empowered. She is educated, capable, financially strong and independent in every sense of the world. We should be proud to have daughters in our families. It is high time we led go of this age old meaningless desire to have a son and welcome the girl child wholeheartedly and give her the special place she deserves.

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