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When it rains, it pours!!!

There was a time, not too long ago, in my life, when I had stopped believing that anything good would ever happen to me again. Truth be told I was not living, merely existing, going from one day to the next on automaton. I was 35 years old, married since I was 21 and trying for a baby ever since. Unable to give my husband a child I felt like such a huge failure. However we kept trying. Going from one IVF centre to another, getting poked with needles, taking hormones shots, oral medicines, eating this food, avoiding that food, never having any fun, never really living our lives… this was our routine. After 9 failed IVFs, a host of surgeries, we decided to go to Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre in Lajpat Nagar – 4.

I was quite lost. As I sat in the neat and tidy waiting room belonging to Dr Kaberi Banerjee, I wondered how much longer I could go on for. I had nothing to say, does a total failure have the right to an opinion? Was I not supposed to just go on without anyone wondering how I was affected? So I went on.

As we met the doctor I was struck by her calming demeanour, her warmth and assurance. Here was a doctor who wanted to listen to us…not just brush us off!! She gave us a few options, one for another, last try at IVF with my own oocytes. After listening to her logical explanations, we agreed to go for it. However it was not to be…So Dr Kaberi suggested that we opt for a donor egg ivf cycle with surrogacy. The embryos were transferred into both myself and the surrogate.

2 weeks after the embryo transfer…by a miracle of God… both the surrogate and I had positive pregnancy tests, in fact it turned out mine was more strongly positive than hers…we found out why after further 2 weeks when an ultrasound was done and it turns out I was carrying TWINS! The surrogate was carrying a single fetus.

We could not believe our luck. We feel so grateful to Dr Kaberi for guiding us through the entire pregnancy and delivery. I delivered preterm at 34 weeks as I was carrying twins, and the surrogate delivered a week after me. IT was such a joy to be going home with 3 little babys. I had waited to be pregnant for so long and finally I was and I cherished every single moment of it, till it was over, even the aches and pains.

There are some feelings that cannot be expressed in words. How grateful we are, to Dr Banerjee, for helping us complete our family, what it means to us now, to hear the laughter of our little ones echoing in our formerly forlorn home…these things are priceless and no amount of money can ever repay her back for giving us the strength to go on, in her calm and gentle way.

People say a lot of negative things about surrogacy. But I disagree. I am fully aware at every level the kind of care that was being taken of my own surrogate by Dr Banerjee and her team. I have not seen the like. She was personally delivered by Dr Banerjee herself. The whole checkup, medicines, ultrasounds, hospital fee etc was covered in the package. What more could one ask for? The surrogate herself was given a generous fee and wanted to start up a small business with the same in order to improve her and her family’s life. There are many facets to this aspects of reproduction and one should not view it as black and white. The kind of joy it brings to both parties is very rare to find in today’s world. For us we just wanted one little baby and happily wound up with three!! WE could not ask for more in life. We are complete.

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