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When it rains, it pours!!!

There was a time, not too long ago, in my life, when I had stopped believing that anything good would ever happen to me again.

Success Stories of Surrogacy Services in India

A 31 years old female came to our OPD from Nanital with primary amenorrhea and primary infertility. We had advised the hormonal profile

30% of women with infertility diagnosed with genital TB

A bigger version of the story has appeared online on the website of The Times of India

Genital tuberculosis emerging as a major health issue

The Asian Age published a story on 22nd March titled ‘Genital tuberculosis emerging as a major health issue’ on Page 02 of its Delhi/NCR edition.

Female with over 13 years of infertility

Previous treatment – 3 failed cycles of IVF with own eggs, and 2 failed cycles of IVF with Donor Egg

Fertility Issues

Fertile period is a day 6 time period which ends around the time of ovulation and correlates with the changes in cervical mucus.

Meeting With the Surrogate

At this moment there are more than a million infertile couples in India trying for a conception.

Surrogacy Process : How We Do It

Once a prospective surrogate or intended parent has decided to commit to surrogacy, they must then

How To Have A Best Surrogacy Clinic Delhi With Minimal Spending?

There are countless instances where couples, despite their best efforts, are not able to beget offspring and

Lok Sabha passes Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill

In order to regulate assisted reproductive technology (ART) services such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) centres, the Lok Sabha

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