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How To Have A Best Surrogacy Clinic Delhi With Minimal Spending?

There are countless instances where couples, despite their best efforts, are not able to beget offspring and their craving for a child remains unsatisfied. However, modern technology comes to their rescue. It is possible for couples to have a child through different methods. One such method is IVR and another is surrogacy.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process of assisted reproduction to help couples have a child. There may be reasons to go in for surrogacy. The male partner’s sperm may not be able to fertilize his wife’s egg. The wife may have medical conditions that do not permit her to become pregnant or her ovaries may not be producing eggs. In such cases another female assumes the role of surrogate. The father’s sperm may be used to fertilize the surrogate’s egg and when she delivers a child it is handed over to the couple. In some cases where the husband’s sperm cannot be used a donor may be found and his sperm used to impregnate the surrogate. Gestational surrogacy is another process in which the egg from the wife is extracted and in vitro fertilization is carried out using the husband’s sperm and the fertilized egg is implanted in the surrogate mother.

The process can be expensive. Surrogacy clinics charge a high fee for the process, whether it is traditional or gestational surrogacy. Then they also have the task of finding the right surrogate mother. The mother must be between 25 to 35 years of age and must have given birth to a healthy child in order to be eligible. She is screened and tested for health problems. If the husband is not able to provide healthy sperm a donor is found and he is also screened for health issues. It is a lengthy and complicated process that requires medical expertise and one must also follow legal processes. Surrogacy clinics charge exorbitant amounts and this can deter many couples.

However, there are surrogacy centers in Delhi that are quite affordable. They follow all the necessary processes and also ensure perfect legal compliance but their fees are quite reasonable. It is best to ask for references. Genuine surrogacy clinics in Delhi will give references and one can ask people who have undergone the process about their opinion of the surrogacy center of Delhi. Talk to the doctors and if they come across as caring and considerate rather than being money minded, you know they are suitable.

All You Need To Know About Surrogacy Center Delhi

Couples desire to have a child but the husband may have oligozoospermia or azoospermia and his sperm cannot fertilize the egg. The wife may have issues that do not permit her to become pregnant. The best option in this case is to visit a surrogacy center Delhi for fulfillment of wishes to become parents.

The surrogacy process

The couple undergoes tests to determine causes that prevent normal conception and childbirth and if the husband has any of the conditions stated above and if the wife too cannot become pregnant then surrogacy is advised. The couple undergoes legal procedures with the clinic and with the surrogate mother selected by the surrrogacy center Delhi.

The surrogate mother is chosen with care. She must be between 25 to 35 years of age. She must pass health screening tests and psychological test because it is common for mothers to develop bonds with their child and refuse to part with the child. She must have delivered at least one child previously through normal delivery process. If she is married then her husband’s consent or her family’s consent is obtained.

If the husband is determined to have oligozoospermia or azoospermia then a donor male is found for sperm. He also undergoes health screening.

The next step could be either of two processes. The egg from the wife is extracted, if it is determined that her eggs are healthy. The donor sperm or the husband’s sperm is used to carry out in vitro fertilization. The fertilized egg is then placed inside the surrogate mother’s uterus. If the wife’s egg cannot be used then the surrogate mother’s egg is fertilized using the donor’s sperm or the husband’s sperm. If the wife is capable of bearing a child but her ovaries do not produce eggs then the surrogate mother’s egg may be fertilized in vitro and introduced into the wife’s uterus.

The surrogate mother stays close to the surrogacy center Delhi or in the center itself until she delivers the child and is ready to hand the baby over to the couple.

Surrogacy centers Delhi need to be chosen with care. Visit the center to know about the rooms and the treatment facilities. The clinic must be staffed by competent gynecologists and have caring health care professionals as well as the equipments necessary for the entire IVF process if it becomes necessary. They must also know about legal processes that are involved in surrogacy. Check testimonials from other people who have gone through the process to know just capable the center is.

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