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IVF Success Rate & Complications

Success Rate:

The age of woman has a major impact on IVF success rates, if age of woman is less than 35 years, the success rate is higher. The possibility of success falls dramatically after 40 years. Other factors that determine success rate are:

  1. Eggs and sperm quality
  2. Condition of endometrium
  3. Laboratory condition
  4. Ease of embryo transfer


The major complication is risk of multiple births, this may lead to:

  1. Pregnancy loss
  2. Obstetrical complications
  3. Prematurity
  4. Neonatal morbidity
  5. Potential for long term damage
  6. The other major complication is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. In this condition fluid accumulates inside the abdomen and lungs. Usually it settles on its own with proper fluid management. In rare cases hospital admission and intensive care is required.
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