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Posted by on Aug.14, 2014

Selection Standard of a Surrogate mom

  1. Fit and healthy
  2. Happy and pleasing personality
  3. Already delivered at least one child
  4. All blood investigations (Thyroid, Thallasemia, German measlesetc all normal)
  5. Day 15-18 endometrial thickness > 9mm
  6. She and her family understands the procedure and happily willing to carry the pregnancy for 9 months.


  1. Live in their own homes with family and children so that they are happy during the entire span of pregnancy (we have observed that the chances of miscarriage increases when the surrogates are kept in surrogate homes)
  2. Surrogate agents take care of timely visits, medication consumption and overall health & sanitation of the surrogate.
  3. Clinic o-ordinators give frequent visitis to surrogates houses to ensure the same.
  4. Antenatal visits and ultrasounds are more frequent than normal pregnancy to ensure smooth and healthy pregnancy.
  5. Dr. Kaberi Banerjee personally chooses the surrogates and follow them throuhgout the pregnancy.

Criteria for Surrogate Treatment for foreigners in India

  1. Medically need surrogacy for example, poor endometrium, repeated failures etc.
  2. Legally married for >2 years.
  3. Country legally allowing surrogacy.

– Estimated Medical Expenses in case of Preterm-birth involving an affiliated hospital

  1. It is same for preterm > 28 weeks & term > 37 weeks
  2. Vaginal (normal) delivery: INR 80000 – 100000 for 2 days stay in economy room for surrogate.
  3. Elective/Emergency Cesarean: INR 100000 – 120000, for 3 nights stay in economy room for surrogate.


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