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There are countless instances where couples, despite their best efforts, are not able to beget offspring and their craving for a child remains unsatisfied. However, modern technology comes to their rescue. It is possible for

Surrogacy Process : How We Do It

Posted by SusSSI on Sep.22, 2017

Once a prospective surrogate or intended parent has decided to commit to surrogacy, they must then determine their goals and needs of the surrogacy. At Surrogacy services, we strive to provide a smooth surrogacy journey

Meeting with the surrogate

Posted by SusSSI on Sep.27, 2016

We usually advise you to meet the surrogate once the pregnancy test is positive. We always respect your wishes on choice of your surrogate for e.g., being vegetarian. We however do not encourage you to

Surrogate Care & Selection Process

Posted by SusSSI on Sep.13, 2016

Selection of surrogate, preparation of surrogate and after care of surrogate. Selection: The surrogate is selected as per the ICMR guidelines. A surrogate mother should not be over 45 years of age. Before accepting a

Infertility – Social issues

Posted by SusSSI on Apr.14, 2016

Infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after more than 1 year of unprotected intercourse. It is estimated that 10 % of people in the reproductive age group are suffering from it. For a

Making IVF Simpler

Posted by SusSSI on Jan.12, 2016

At this moment there are more than a million infertile couples in India trying for a conception.IVF (in vitro fertilization) or ‘test tube baby’ is the magic word for infertile couples desperately desirous of a

Female Foeticide

Posted by SusSSI on Dec.16, 2015

A girl dreams of being a mother right from her childhood. It is very difficult when she realizes that it is taking time to do so or perhaps impossible. A woman status in society is

What is ART?

Posted by SusSSI on Nov.17, 2015

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is evolving at great pace, breaking new grounds and providing couples with number of treatment options. The reproductive technology not only refers to IVF but also to

IVF Success Rate & Complications

Posted by SusSSI on Nov.06, 2015

Success Rate: The age of woman has a major impact on IVF success rates, if age of woman is less than 35 years, the success rate is higher. The possibility of success falls dramatically after

FAQs About IVF

Posted by SusSSI on Oct.13, 2015

Q. If I conceive, will my baby be normal? A. Studies have shown that there is no increased risk of abnormality in IVF conceived babies compared to those conceived naturally. Q. What are the precautions

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

Posted by SusSSI on Oct.08, 2015

Gynaecological Surgery We have a panel of expert surgeons, who have years of experience in this field and have successfully performed a number of Gynaecological surgeries & Laparoscopy surgeries. However, we do not go for

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Posted by SusSSI on Oct.05, 2015

What are the symptoms and complications of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? Symptoms of PID The infection may be subclinical (occurring without any symptoms), or there may be fever, chills, or pelvic pain indicating inflammation of

Veritatem Surrogacy

Posted by SusSSI on Sep.28, 2015

The truth about surrogacy! A lot of controversy has been found to surround the topic of Gestational Surrogacy, much of it due to the brouhaha between those actually dealing with these cases and those on

When it rains, it pours!!!

Posted by Kaberi Banerjee on Sep.23, 2015

There was a time, not too long ago, in my life, when I had stopped believing that anything good would ever happen to me again. Truth be told I was not living, merely existing, going

Success Stories of Surrogacy Services in India

Posted by SusSSI on Jul.09, 2015

Case 1: A 31 years old female came to our OPD from Nanital with primary amenorrhea and primary infertility. We had advised the hormonal profile and the ultrasound pelvis. Her hormonal profile showed low serum

A bigger version of the story has appeared online on the website of The Times of India. Please find below it’s link:

1. The Asian Age published a story on 22nd March titled ‘Genital tuberculosis emerging as a major health issue’ on Page 02 of its Delhi/NCR edition. 2. Vir Arjun published a story on 22nd March

1. Dainik Bhaskar published a story titled ‘Infertility can be due to tuberculosis’ on Page 02 of its Delhi/NCR edition. 2. Navodaya Times published a story titled ‘Tuberculosis is leading to a rise in infertility

Surrogacy Preparation & Cost

Posted by SusSSI on Aug.14, 2014

Selection Standard of a Surrogate mom Fit and healthy Happy and pleasing personality Already delivered at least one child All blood investigations (Thyroid, Thallasemia, German measlesetc all normal) Day 15-18 endometrial thickness > 9mm She

Female with over 13 years of infertility.

Posted by SusSSI on Aug.05, 2014

STAR STORY OF THE MONTH A 39-year-old female with more than 13 years of infertility Previous treatment – 3 failed cycles of IVF with own eggs, and 2 failed cycles of IVF with Donor Egg

Fertility Issues

Posted by SusSSI on May.09, 2014
Surrogacy services India fertility issues

1. OPTIMISING NATURAL FERTILITY  As age increases, time needed to conceive also increases Women > 35 years of should consult a doctor after trying to conceive for a period of six months. (The deciding age

Testimonial from Australian surrogacy patient

Posted by SusSSI on Mar.18, 2014
Surrogacy services india patient feedback

Dear Dr. Banerjee,   I would like to take a moment to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me during this process of having a

What is surrogacy?

Posted by SusSSI on Jan.16, 2014
surrogacy india blog

Surrogacy is the method of assisted reproduction where woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. What are the indications of surrogacy? After hysterectomy For cancer For post partum Hemorrhage For menorrahgia


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